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There is a feeling of excitement and mystery as you wait to discover your pearl. What gift will nature have in store for you? -Karin H.


The oyster opening is so magical - it draws all types of people together into a community bringing joy, comfort, and friendships you’d never find elsewhere! - Melissa F


Every opening with your wonderful customers is unique, and there’s no such thing as an ugly pearl! -Nadine P.

Experience the Magic

Vantel Pearls is unlike any other Direct Sales company for one simple reason — the magic of the oyster opening. The wonder, the awe, the mystery — it is absolutely mesmerizing. Once you have opened an oyster to find your own unique pearl, you cannot resist the urge to do it again and again!

Vantel Pearls offers genuine, freshwater, cultured pearls cultivated by oyster farmers adhering to high quality and environmental standards. Like each of us, our genuine pearls come in a variety of colors and sizes. Each one is truly unique.

From exciting oyster openings to fashion-forward design to attentive product care, we are passionate about creating an experience to remember.

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